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Detective cases and investigations

Femida Co.

Our detectives work wonders, putting a case together by collecting all the invaluable information needed to solve puzzles and find their way to the truth of a case.

Private investigations: fast, honest, effective

We have assembled a team of detectives with experience in solving convoluted crimes successfully. Behind each employee is a wealth of experience and expertise in operations.

Our detectives conduct private investigations in the UK, Russia, Eastern Europe and, when necessary, go to another continent. They work undercover and carry out delicate tasks.

We provide the highest level of operational and investigative work with proven results. Within the police force each investigator has dozens of cases at the same time. At Femida, the selected employee only deals with your case.

We direct all the talent and energy of our detectives to achieve the perfect solution to the case and to provide results

Our services include:

  • the disclosure of criminal offenses of varying severity (theft, robbery, robbery with violence, murder),
  • search for stolen valuables and property, lost documents,
  • searching for missing relatives, business partners or debtors.

We collect the dossier, we find witnesses and participants connected to the events or incidents that caused you to contact Femida in the first place.

We examine the results of police investigations, if there are doubts about the reliability of the outcome. Yet, at the same time, we have established contacts and productive interaction with the police.

How are our private detectives so effective?

The actions of a private detective are effective as they are not constrained by endless bureaucracy and a one-size-fits-all approach to investigations. The operational potential is greater and results are more instantaneous.

For us there are no boundaries and obstacles, and the fulfillment of the client’s task is a matter of honor. A detective can be on location, starting work on your case within a few hours, whether at home or abroad.

At the same time, the documentation of the collected information and the formation of a step-by-step evidence base are carried out. We do this for detailed reporting to the client and seamless legalisation of materials as part of official investigations and litigation.

All Femida investigators are licensed and have undergone special training to work in the agency. Our employees act exclusively within the legal boundaries of their operational jurisdiction and strictly observe the requirements of confidentiality and protection of personal data that are obtained during investigations.

Femida – our investigations are always effective