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At Femida, our experienced detectives conduct thorough, intelligence-led investigations, making use of cutting edge technology where necessary. We have the ability and experience to take on the most complex of cases, priding ourselves on delivering genuine results with the utmost discretion.


We are a people-focused business. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of individuals or family members, enabling safe evacuation of persons and assets in critical emergency situations, carrying out fidelity or potentially fraudulent activity checks as part of our matrimonial services, or finding a missing person, our team will always prioritise safety first.


For our business clients, we offer a range of services that strive to provide absolute protection of interests, finances and assets. Our services include background checks on partners and collaborators during important transactions, protecting the confidentiality of financial transactions, and event security services. We operate in both overt and covert capacities, ensuring your business interests are safe and that things are running smoothly.


Our mission is to safeguard the security of our clients and their interests with the utmost efficacy, discretion, professionalism and maximum results.


  • Safety & Security- ensuring the ongoing protection of our clients and their interests.
  • Professionalism & Effectiveness- responding to the security needs of our clients in a rapid, professional, legal and consistent manner.
  • Integrity & Trust- earning the trust of our clients by working with discretion to minimise their exposure to identified and pre-emtred risks.


We make sure that our clients feel safe, secure, comfortable and
confident in our capable hands.


At Femida we have an effective management system, capable of 24/7 response to customer requests. We have a team of experienced detectives, operatives and investigators, all specially trained in their areas of expertise.

As well as our core services, we also provide the following:

  • team of professional psychologists to support clients during difficult situations
  • ultra-modern electronic equipment for optimal service delivery
  • total confidentiality
  • the ability to complete assignments anywhere in the world