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At Femida, our experienced detectives and agents carry out thorough and discreet investigations and intelligence gathering. We use state-of-the-art equipment and guarantee results, even in the most critical or challenging situations. You can put your trust in our professionals with their proven skill, expertise and tested experience.


We are a people-focused business. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of individuals or family members, enabling safe evacuation of persons and assets in critical emergency situations, carrying out fidelity checks and ‘honey traps’ as part of our matrimonial services, or finding a missing person.


For our business clients, we offer a range of services, that guarantee absolute protection of interests, finances and assets. Our services include background checks on partners and collaborators during important transactions, protecting the confidentiality of financial transactions, and event security services. Your business interests are safe with us; even if you can’t see us, we are always there in the background ensuring that things run smoothly.


Our primary mission is to provide optimum results for each client, guaranteeing complete discretion and confidentiality as we execute the most complex and delicate instructions


  • flawless fulfillment of a client’s instructions, deploying a viable solution in the shortest possible time
  •  absolute confidentiality in all aspects of executing the client’s brief
  • providing trained detectives, agents and investigators with experience in law enforcement and other related specialist services
  • using state-of-the-art equipment and tracking systems
  • objective scrutiny of complex client issues and problems, with meticulous planning at each stage for the fastest and most effective outcome.


We make sure that our clients feel safe, secure, comfortable and
confident in our capable hands.


Here at Femida we have an effective management system, capable of 24/7 instant response to customer requests.
We have a team of experienced detectives, agents and investigators, all specially trained in their areas of expertise.

As well as our core services, we also provide the following:

  • a team of professional psychologists to support clients during difficult situations
  • ultra-modern electronic equipment for optimal service delivery
  • access to closed databases, and close cooperation with international state and law enforcement agencies
  • guaranteed absolute confidentiality
  • the ability to complete assignments anywhere in the world