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Cyber defense and intelligence

Femida Co.

With the development of the internet, we have gained new opportunities for communication, doing business, and spending leisure time; it is a goldmine for cyber-attackers. Femida Detective Agency effectively protects and restores your data, provides cybersecurity for corporate and private networks and devices.

Securing your virtual world

Our specialists offer a myriad of skills to give you the best cyber protection:

  • recovery of lost data on any media;
  • fixing the negative consequences of hacker attacks and malicious intrusions;
  • auditing of networks, cloud environment and devices to identify vulnerabilities;
  • creation or modernisation of cybersecurity systems;
  • protection of servers and workstations from installing malware;
  • identification of information readers and data leakage.
We protect corporate, public, home networks and devices from real threats of the virtual world

Femida cyber detectives are real professionals when it comes to finding information and tracking behavior on the World Wide Web. We work with databases, social networks and other sources.

Even on a barely noticeable virtual trace we can find a person, draw up a dossier on the company or any new business partners. If necessary, based on the collected data, we form a psychological portrait. You receive complete and reliable information about the subject.

We also carry out delicate orders of a personal nature with a guarantee of complete confidentiality of information. At the same time, Femida’s cyber detectives operate with total legal compliance in relation to privacy.

We eliminate the threats posed by virtual reality, make your networks and devices safe and reliable. To solve problems, we use the latest equipment and software.

We have a team of employees with experience in successfully investigating cyber crimes. We achieve real results when working in the virtual world and ensure the reliability of products and services.

Your electronic world will become an impregnable repository of data and invaluable information with our help.

Femida Detective Agency – we guarantee 24/7 cyberdefence