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Tips Femida: how to relax quite in a nightclub in London

Nightclubs in London have long ceased to be a vacation spot exclusively for youth. At neighboring venues, children and parents can have fun, each at their own party. If wise adults experience prudence, young people may find themselves in an unpleasant situation. How to make leisure courage and safe?

Femida Co.

London clubs: tough rules, cool parties

Youth most often understand the preparation for a visit to a nightclub by observing the party’s dress code. It is equally important to read and understand the rules of the public place, which are usually published on the official website:

  • Age. From 18, 19 years old or from 21 years old – the age qualification depends on the club’s policy, orientation and frankness of parties.
  • Identification. This is part of the security policy for identifying guests and confirming age.
  • Prohibited substances. When drugs are detected, security is turned on. The guest is forced to leave club and security report to the police.
  • Sale of drugs. An attempt to sell prohibited substances is punished severely – up to a lifetime ban on visiting the club. Be sure to connect the police.

At the same time, youth are given a chance to get rid of drugs. Special boxes put at the entrance to the club.

There is also worth being prepared for guard vigilance. The security checks guests who are suspicious and decide what to do next. They can interrupt a pleasant stay if it turns out that the party participant is stoned or went over with hard drinks.

It is worth taking care of personal safety. A large crowd of people attracts criminal elements. Sometimes the temptation to steal an expensive smartphone or money arises suddenly, under the influence of alcohol, or at the sight of a thing left unattended.

Personal safety rules: how to prepare for a visit to a night club

The set of a young gentleman or lady is fairly standard: money, documents, a smartphone. Girls put all these in a clutch bag along with cosmetics and other girls stuff. Guys often poke the necessary minimum in their pockets.

A professional thief only needs a few seconds to change the contents of a purse or pocket. To reduce the risk of financial and moral losses, it is enough to follow simple rules:

  1. Pay by card in a night club, for a taxi trip and other services. The amount of cash should correspond to the amount of the planned tip.
  2. For girls, put the smartphone in the compartment in the clutch, which has an additional clasp, for the guys in the inside pocket of the jacket or the front pocket of trousers and jeans.
  3. To take care of a reliable pocket for documents and bank cards and store them separately, abandoning the traditional purse.

Also, in London nightclubs, cases of sexual harassment and violence against a person are not uncommon. Despite the fact that the rules for visitors are constantly tightened, police reports show that there are no fewer crimes.

Therefore, Femida recommends planning party trips in the company of friends you know and trust well. You can agree in advance to look after each other and you will feel relaxed and safe next to good friends.

Night Club Precautions

If the club got to know each other, it would be better to refuse the offer to continue the night and make an appointment the next day in a crowded place. A guy or a girl with pure thoughts will agree to this option, the attacker will insist on his own under convincing pretexts.

Also, it will not be superfluous to refuse persistent refreshments with alcohol – psychotropic substances can mix in the drink. In a state of drug intoxication, it is easy to become a victim of a thief, rapist or fraudster.

At the same time, the police practically do not bring charges to the perpetrators of theft or suspected of sexual violence. Most of these cases remain unsolved, which inspires attackers to new crimes.