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There is no privacy – Big Brother is always watching

In order to remain completely invisible in the 21st century, you would need to live far away from civilization, where there is no mobile communication, internet, POS terminals or all the regular modes of communication to which we are accustomed.

Femida Co.

In a big city, it is impossible to stay concealed, especially when it is London – a busy city, studded with surveillance cameras.

How do we hide the trail?

To become invisible in major capitol city, there are measures you would have to take:

  • forget the bank cards and only pay in cash (which is mainly issued by an ATM, so another challenge there);
  • don’t use cellular communications, because we make most calls to mobile phones;
  • forego internet access – e-mail (ideally it is better not to open any email or internet application), social networks or surfing the web;
  • disguise your physical appearance without looking too obvious and attracting attention.

With the development of technology, we have become carriers and distributors of information about ourselves.

Ordinary actions like card payments in a supermarket are recorded. Call information remains recorded in the servers of mobile service providers. Attempts to hide under a Facebook alias are foiled when you are asked to provide a mobile phone number or email when registering.

Can you walk down the street and not get caught by surveillance cameras? To achieve this you need to live in the wilds of the taiga, impenetrable jungle or wooded mountains. But even such an exotic lifestyle does not guarantee confidentiality. For example, the exclusion zone in Chernobyl is crammed with video cameras, from which scientists study the local flora and fauna.

Two sides of the privacy coin

What can we say about London with its 500,000 video cameras that continuously record the flow of people and cars? The cameras have some facial recognition ability and information is instantly reported to Scotland Yard where up to six thousand officers are simultaneously on duty at the monitors.

This colossal resource helped reduce street crime, but deprived residents and visitors of the British capitol of the right to anonymity. Security requires sacrifice – you have to pay by renouncing privacy.

On the other hand, we are used to living under the sight of cameras – this has become the norm. Video surveillance systems in supermarkets, other public buildings, offices and hotels are taken for granted.

However, despite this fact, if a bold and determined individual tries to harm you or the people you love, and the police cannot help you, try Femida Detective Agency. Our detectives can help with even the most challenging criminal cases and help bring justice.