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How to provide personal security during quarantine

Spring 2020 has thrown out a challenge to the world. Residents of many countries were effectively placed under house arrest following strict quarantine regulations. At the same time, the issue of security is acute – personal, housing, office.

Femida Co.

How to protect family and business during quarantine

Femida experts advice to keep in touch with neighbors for the providing basic security in the current environment. People have become more vigilant, and pedestrians in the streets catch the fancy of local residents. Also, people unite in communities in messengers and share information about the situation within sight.

However, there is better to park the car in the garage or in the courtyard. This reduces the risk of theft, damage to vehicles or theft of parts.

Also, do not neglect security systems and alarms. This is especially true for objects that are mothballed during quarantine:

  • public places and spaces;
  • office and industrial buildings;
  • shops and other objects of trade.

The basic quarantine rules are maintaining social distance and maximum self-isolation. Therefore, choosing between physical and remote protection of objects, Femida experts recommend CCTV surveillance with real-time information output to the security console.

During the “lockdown” period, attention should be paid to cybersecurity and to strengthen the protection of personal and corporate networks. An increase in the number of crimes predicts in virtual reality, because of more transactions and payments on the Internet.

Is it worth the surge in crime?

The growth of crime is a faithful companion of any crisis. Loss of work, income push people to wrongdoing. Nevertheless, in the first weeks of the “lockdown” is noted decrease in the total number of crimes by 20%. However, the risk of domestic violence and online fraud is increasing.

People who leave home alone are at risk, especially in the dark. Empty streets are an ideal place to attack and commit robbery.

The quarantine rules in the UK allow sports on the street once a day. There is better to choose morning or day for exercising or cycling. In the deep evening, expensive sports equipment, a prestigious phone or jewelry can become a trigger for an attacker.

Agency Femida continues to work in the usual schedule. We will always advise you on security issues and offer the best solution for protecting your family and business.