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Hire bodyguards in London: how to take place in a profession

Successful people, especially those from an immigrant community, pay close attention to personal security. Therefore, hire bodyguards in London requires special training, high qualifications and dedication.

Femida Co.

Hire a bodyguard in London: personal guard features

The bodyguard’s mission is to always be near the protected person and instantly respond to a potential or real threat. Often people come to this profession from the police or special services. This continuation of a career is often chosen by the military after completion of service.

What are the main requirements for candidates:

  • experience as a bodyguard in state or private institutions
  • readiness for a special schedule and often business trips
  • athletic build, high growth and excellent physically shape
  • driver’s license, including knowledge of emergency driving techniques.

An additional advantage we single out the special courses taking for a deeper understanding the specifics of the work. Also, the guard is required to have a license.

Training and development of skills are mandatory for men and women who choose this profession without experience of service. Covering a guarded person and providing physical protection are important but not the only duties of a bodyguard. What is the responsibility of the personal security:

  • development of safe routes
  • providing escape routes in case of emergency
  • safety check of buildings and premises
  • assessment of risks and threats, their prevention.

The powers and responsibilities of a bodyguard who serves in the police differ from the functions that are performed on a “citizen”. The guard is obliged to act within the law and at the same time observe the interests of the protected person.

How to become a security guard: suggestions of Femida

The path to the profession begins at the moment when a person understands: this is my calling, I am ready to fully surrender to what I do. This fully applies to the work of a bodyguard, which is associated with obvious risks to health and life.

Constant work on oneself, maintaining physical fitness, good health and stress resistance are important factors for a successful start and career advancement.

So, when forming a team of bodyguards in Femida, all employees underwent special training. We set ourselves the task of creating a team ready to perform complex and non-standard tasks, and attracted the best of the best.

Also, in our group work girls. Female bodyguards in London provide safety at the same level as male colleagues. They do an excellent job in situations where you need an undercover bodyguard.

We provide personal protection and are always in touch by e-mail info@femida.uk.