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Verification of financial transactions

Femida Co.

Business thrives on discretion and confidence in partners. When cooperation with a new partner begins, a detailed verification of documents is a risk mitigation factor. We help secure deals for companies and individuals and act as independent experts in the preparation of contracts.

Transaction support – total financial security

The UK, as one of the most powerful global economies, attracts investors from all over the world. Businessmen invest in various projects, private individuals or into real estate, yet each of these transitions may expose them to risk, and it is important that precautions which minimise their exposure to potentially fraudulent activity are taken.

Femida’s support during a financial transaction minimises the risk of fraud.

We conduct an in-depth check of partners:

  • confirm the authenticity and legality of documents;
  • check personal data – names, addresses, contacts.

Also, at the request of customers, we carry out a full check of partners:

  • find out information about a company or individual from any country in the world;
  • collect data on professional and private reputations;
  • monitor the history of transactions and fulfillment of obligations;
  • handwriting analysis and other types of technical expertise.

This helps to avoid involvement in fraudulent schemes, protects against unfair partnerships and financial losses.

Femida lawyers act as independent experts. We have one priority – protecting the interests of the client. Sometimes employees are unable to resist the temptation and make a deal with their conscience. We eliminate this risk when preparing high-value contracts, or when buying or selling real estate.

All inclusive: transaction from A to Z

Femida also specialises in property security services for customers. When accompanying financial transactions, we are not limited to checking documents – we conduct a comprehensive examination of the contract.

We also provide a Delivery Guarantee – a mandatory clause in the contract. In certain circumstances where fulfilment issues arise, this must be bolstered through the following services.

The range of our services includes:

  • departure to the enterprise and assessment of production conditions;
  • examination of products for compliance with declared standards;
  • escort of cargo from the point of departure to the point of arrival.

At the same time, Femida strictly complies with the international and local legislation of the countries where they represent the interests of the client. With our support, your transaction goes smoothly, you just select worthy partners and increase your capital.

Femida – we ensure the security of your business