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Femida Co.

Detective agency Femida provides effective security for offices, buildings and premises for various purposes. We build from scratch and modernize systems of protection against external intrusion and internal excesses.

Protection without compromise: ultra-reliable systems from Femida Co.

Femida Co. employees develop security systems for businesses and individuals, provide reliable protection of objects. It is always an integrated approach with a strategic vision of the result – to guarantee the highest level of protection.

What we do for the flawless fulfillment of the client task:

  • conduct a full audit of the facility with an assessment of the current security system,
  • identify vulnerable areas and offer a solution to eliminate possible threats,
  • upgrade the existing system or create a new one based on the latest technical developments in the field of security,
  • control the external perimeter, the adjacent territory, parking and other areas of responsibility outside the building.
Eliminate the risks of illegal entry into the facility

The scope of work includes:

  • installation of CCTV cameras and motion sensors in accordance with the safety scheme;
  • enhanced protection of the entrance group, emergency exits, windows, terraces and other open spaces;
  • implementation of the access system with access level control in various zones;
  • organisation of a centralized or remote control and monitoring system for a video surveillance system.

We act in the style of the Scotland Yard situational center – we receive information from every corner of the guarded facility. At the same time, we organize the system that the observation is invisible and does not irritate employees, visitors or family members.

Well-trained Femida guards never attract attention, remain calm and respond to emergency situations with lightning speed. Employees of the agency are always in excellent physical shape; they know the methods of neutralizing violators of order in public places and ensure order at the entrusted facility.

Self-control, inner stamina, a subtle sense of moment here and now are the key qualities by which we form a team. We rely on security professionals and guarantee absolute protection against intruders 24/7.

Detective agency Femida – turn real estate into an impregnable fortress