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Polygraph detector

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How do you reveal if someone is lying or dispel suspicion? The polygraph accurately recognises lies, and it is almost impossible to bypass the algorithms of this smart electronic device.

When and how is the polygraph detector used?

When conducting private or corporate investigations, Femida detectives gather evidence in order to complete a client’s case. 

However, in some cases, additional confirmation or refutation of suspicions is required:

  • Conflicts between business partners. A “conversation” with a polygraph helps to avoid misunderstandings, to prove honesty of intentions and sincerity in decision making.
  • Misunderstandings between spouses or lovers. A fidelity check clarifies the situation best, but sometimes answers to tricky questions under the control of a polygraph are enough.
  • Acute interpersonal conflicts. In some cases, the clarification of relations comes to a standstill – each side insists they are right. A lie detector test helps resolve the situation.

Voluntary consent of all participants to the audit is essential, which is documented without exception.

We provide full support in preparing for a polygraph test – we explain the essence of the procedure and the possible consequences. If necessary, we engage an experienced psychologist which is helpful when resolving matters of great delicacy.

Tests and analysis of the results are carried out by a qualified specialist who has been trained to operate the device.

However, even if all conditions and requirements are met in the event of a lawsuit, the court may not consider the test results. Therefore, we recommend the polygraph as additional evidence for the case and entrust the main investigative work to our detectives.

We conduct investigations of any complexity with a guarantee to resolve each client’s case. We always comply with the law, underpinned by our own legal experience to examine any police evidence or present in court. 

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