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Personal bodyguard

Femida Co.

Certain targeted individuals and their loved ones may need daily protection from possible threats to their person. Femida Detective Agency provides personal security services for any customer depending on their needs and request.

Personal bodyguard: responsible for your safety

All our agency employees have a background in the police or special forces of different countries, with significant achievements and awards to their name. As professional bodyguards, their skills are finely tuned, acquired over years of exemplary service.

Trust us with your life and the safety of your family and friends

You can choose personal protection depending on your lifestyle and protection needs:

  • Personal bodyguard 24/7. Employees work according to a strict schedule and are always in close vicinity to the subject(s) requiring protection.
  • Bodyguards for children. They give support on weekdays and weekend routes in the absence of parents or adult proxies.
  • Driver-bodyguard. A personal security guard also works as a driver – this helps to maximise safe and discreet travel.   
  • Protection of guests. A personal bodyguard accompanies a person or group from the moment they arrive at the airport until boarding at the end of their visit.

We also provide:

  • transfers with special signals or accompanied by police;
  • armored executive car;
  • guarded motorcade for delegations, business partners, celebrities.

We guarantee the complete security of protected persons and submit a proposal for the organisation of security services after comprehensive examination and processing of the client’s request.

How personal protection is provided: additional measures

Femida’s services also include:

  • Testing routes with the option of alternative routes and catering for operational changes in traffic patterns.
  • Checking the territory, buildings, locations where the protected person is planning to visit for the purpose of detecting wiretapping, hidden cameras or identifying hazardous substances and explosive devices.
  • Hidden escort. Escort bodyguards are introduced to the subject’s routine as employees, colleagues, friends to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

We also protect 24/7 new emigres recently arrived in the UK against any risks and threats and fear for their safety and life. Bodyguards work to the developed schedule of the protected person(s), accompanying them always. At other times, the subject’s location is tracked using GPS surveillance.

In the blink of an eye, our security professionals are ready to respond in emergency situations.

They can eliminate a threat and provide protection in seconds.

This is based on years of experience and developing very specific skill sets.  Each Femida security professional is adept at reading body language, conditioned signals and risks, even in a crowded open location.

All bodyguards are licensed and operate within legal parameters.

Femida Detective agency – we provide personal security in the UK and around the world 24/7