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Future Partner Due Diligence

Femida Co.

New relationships should be a time of celebration and positive thinking about the potential of the partnership. However, a new partner’s motivations for entering into a relationship may be less than sincere and they may have secrets which are better brought to light before things progress further.

Fidelity check – a reasonable precaution

Those who wish an easier life at the expense of others is not a new concept. Some individuals are very skilled at invoking trust and loyalty in a new partner, even if their own intentions are not trustworthy. This is where Femida can offer a fidelity check, to dispel any suspicions about your future spouse.

We protect from marriage scams and help to find out the truth about the future bride or groom

Femida operatives carry out checks on future spouses with care and full understanding of the great responsibility behind this action. It influences the future of two people, and therefore requires delicate handling.

Our method:

  • verification of past connections and contacts,
  • confirmation of the authenticity of personal information,
  • criminal record check, or any involvement in criminal activity,
  • monitoring financial history and reliability.

This data is enough to verify the reliability of the subject’s biographical profile.

In the social media age, with electronic footprints, hiding personal information is very difficult. Scammers, however, find ways to embellish their past in order to craft a prosperous future at the expense of someone else.

When to be on the lookout

The Internet and social networks have changed how we make acquaintances and friends. Virtual acquaintances can become lovers, sometimes relationships go beyond this. Nevertheless, there may be warning signals:

  • excessively eager admiration and declaration of feelings,
  • open accounts on dating sites and several phone numbers,
  • meeting exclusively at their preferred locations,
  • unwillingness to acquaint with relatives and friends,
  • the transition from generous gifts at the beginning of dating to requests for financial support.

Such manifestations are often accompanied by sudden changes in schedule like unexpected alterations in meeting plans. Attractive photos for posting on social networks might have been taken in the company of the previous companion; and expensive outfits could be bought on credit.

We will help you discover the truth behind your prospective spouse and protect you from rash decisions, acting within the law and respecting the right to privacy.

Femida – helping you to safeguard emotional decisions