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Leakage of information and financial resources

Femida Co.

A successful business is always in the spotlight of wrong doers. One of the effective methods of weakening a competitor is information leakage, which leads to financial losses. Femida Co. can uncover any suspect data links and help strengthen a company’s cyber defences.

How to protect a business from information leakage

At the heart of any information leak is the human factor. Data can be reported to competitors by an unscrupulous employee. Attackers using hackers resort to breaching servers, databases, corporate or personal email.

When the source of the leak is not obvious, but information has clearly been “leaked” to competitors, Femida’s detectives can come to the rescue.

Our agents act quietly, professionally, with a guarantee that they can find the source of your information and financial resources leaks

We use various techniques to work on such cases:

  • analysis of work-related documentation;
  • staff verification and identification of suspects;
  • planting agents disguised as a new employee in an organisation;
  • examination – fingerprint, biological or technical;
  • verification of electronic information carriers and cyber defence systems.

Femida carries out a set of measures helps to identify the channel of information leakage, and prevent further data transfer. Any employees found guilty of wrongdoing are prosecuted according to the terms of their employment contract and the law.

Femida detectives also operate with substantial legal experience when complying with the principles of privacy. We are only document the transfer of corporate information to third parties.

All employees have undergone special training in relation to implementation and monitoring of cybersecurity strategies. The operational action plan is agreed upon by Femida Legal Services. In the process of assignment, lawyers also advise agents.

Safeguarding the real and virtual world

We also investigate the leakage of financial resources and prevent corporate theft of:

  • money;
  • finished products or components;
  • intellectual property.

Femida also has the capability to build an information security system from scratch or modernise the existing one. Virtual “holes” cause more damage than secret paths to the “hole in the fence”.

In the 21st century, information is valued the most, and attackers resort to sophisticated schemes to steal and sell data or paralyse the work of the company in the interests of competitors.

We identify weaknesses in cyber defence and create insurmountable obstacles for virtual intruders.

Femida Detective Agency – your reliable shield against information and financial leaks