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Laboratory, examination, analysis

Femida Co.

Examination results are an important part of the evidence base of investigations. Sometimes a fingerprint or a sample of biological material detected in time puts an end to a complex matter.

We conduct various types of examinations within the framework of client cases and upon individual requests.

How to establish the truth and get down to rock bottom

Laboratory experts are indispensable assistants to Femida detectives who work with evidence and turn barely noticeable traces into irrefutable evidence.

To ensure the work of the agency we use the following types of expertise:

Psychological. It is carried out to collect a detailed psychological portrait of a person. This is important information when establishing business contacts or partnerships with a stranger, to identify risks in case of suspicious behavior of the child and in other unusual situations.

Technical. It is carried out to establish the authenticity of documents, signatures, audio, video, photos and other materials. An important component of private investigations and an assistant in establishing the truth in resolving business and personal conflicts.

Biological. It is carried out to establish facts and circumstances related to the stay and actions of a person in a specific location. Includes a few analyzes and studies, including DNA determination.

Detective agency Femida also provides services for any type of examination in a certified laboratory. Experts work on the latest equipment and use innovative technologies, the latest developments in forensics.

We guarantee the highest accuracy and reliability of the results, which you can use as an iron argument to resolve a complicated situation

Rules for the work of detectives Femida Co.

Femida Co. has always followed a code of ethics. We ensure complete confidentiality and data protection. Only the responsible employee and client know the name of the person who left the biological materials or the fingerprint, the personality characteristics of the potential business partner or new acquaintance.

We act exclusively in the legal field, help to avoid controversial situations and assist in the legalization of evidence in litigation or when contacting the police.

In many cases, physical evidence is the most reliable, incorruptible witnesses and impartial assistants in establishing the truth. We obtain invaluable information and help to correctly manage evidence.

Detective agency Femida – turn piece of evidence into evidence