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Investigations of blackmail and threats

Femida Co.

Becoming a victim of a blackmailer is easier than it sounds and at Femida Co, we are skilled and astute at protecting you from it. Sometimes all it takes is to divulge a careless word or message, and it’s enough ammunition for the blackmailer to start making your life unpleasant and disturb your peace.

We restore harmony and eliminate threats or harassment.

How to protect yourself from blackmail and threats

Aggressive pressure from a person in whose hands accidentally incriminating evidence has fallen, can seriously negatively impact your life. A blackmail victim lives in constant tension and stress, does not see a way out of the situation. Threats also lead to a state of anxiety and fear for their own safety, as well as the well-being of loved ones.

Usually blackmail victims hide the problem from others. With each new call or message, the feeling of hopelessness and inability to resolve the situation intensifies. If pressure continues from this anonymous source, victims often feel driven into a corner from which they can’t escape. But they can, with Femida Co at their side.

We bring to the clean water those who invade someone else’s life

Femida agents stop blackmail once and for all and protect against threats by:

  • assisting with fixing the detrimental subject matter driving the blackmail;
  • establish the identity of the blackmailer or the author of the threats;
  • collect retaliatory evidence on the blackmailer;
  • provide psychological support;
  • achieve the destruction of compromising materials;
  • if necessary, connect with the police.

There are also acute situations in which attackers insist on a ransom, extort money and prohibit contacting the police. Such threats may be associated with:

  • abduction or violent confinement of a person;
  • unfulfilled obligations;
  • satisfaction of groundless requirements.

In this case, we recommend you immediately contact Femida Co. Our detectives will document illegal actions and will assist in contacting the police if a crime is established.

Living in safety and feeling protected is one of the basic human rights in the civilized world. We help restore peace of mind, and joy in your life, instead of the misery of continued anxiety at the mercy of a blackmailer.

You can entrust any secret to our detectives – we guarantee absolute confidentiality and protection of personal data. Moreover, employees always act within the framework of the law – we have legal advisors of our own and help to restore justice.

Femida Detective Agency – leave your problems in the past