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Implementation and Surveillance

Femida Co.

When conducting investigations, our detectives use their experience and skill, to get the best results for the client. They also undertake any investigations connected with the case with confidentiality and attention to performing scrupulously careful work.

Delicate investigations: excellence in every detail

Detectives at the Femida agency guarantee the successful completion of any investigation, regardless of the complexity of the tasks involved and provide:

  • undercover work, considering the specifics of the case, the circumstances and objectives of the investigation;
  • monitoring all aspects, people and locations, to obtain the necessary information and data.

We make meticulous preparation for each client’s case, and we work through every step and action of the detectives. Investigations are based on impeccable logic and deduction.

Our detectives act discreetly and invisibly, without causing inconvenience or attracting attention

The unique skills of our detectives are such that they can carry out an investigation without being spotted, or arousing suspicion. They are so convincing, that they could pose as a partner or lover in any setting, without invoking doubt or distrust.

At the same time, there is a boundary that our employees never cross. They do not interfere in aspect of the subject’s life that is not relevant to the execution of the investigation.

Always excellent results

We fully concentrate on every case we undertake. The client gets effective and measurable results in these circumstances:

  • investigation of a case of a personal or business nature;
  • confirmation of the guilt or innocence of a person whose actions aroused suspicion;
  • restoration of compromised business reputation, honor and dignity;
  • a psychological portrait of an employee, a potential business partner or a new person in the domestic or business environment;
  • search for a valuable witness, missing relative or business partner;
  • return of stolen finances, property, information.

Moreover, our employees always act with legal propriety. It is equally important for us to restore justice and ensure the legitimacy of investigations.

Femida Detective Agency – your invisible partners