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Tactical Response Team

Femida Co.

Femida’s Tactical Response Team (TRT) is an advanced mobile security unit, positioned in close proximity to our clients at all times, allowing rapid response to all situations in a matter of minutes.

Effective Support and Protection

The world is becoming more dangerous everyday, which in turn leads to more people becoming increasingly security conscious.

At Femida, we understand that enhanced security and emergency response measures are becoming a necessity for our client. With the average emergency response times on the rise, we aim to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

How does it work?

The TRT is a mobile security unit that patrols their assigned area of operation, serving as a deterrent to potential criminal activity. The TRT always stays in close proximity to the clients location, ready and able to arrive to you within 3 minutes of the distress signal being triggered.

  1. Press the Panic Button
  2. TRT Receives the distress signal and deploys to your location immediately.
  3. The Team Arrives within 3 Minutes, taking control of the situation.

Each of our clients is equipped with a Discrete Communication Device (Panic Button) which allows them to alert the Tactical Response Team (TRT) of an ongoing emergency. When the device is triggered, an alert is sent to our on-duty team who will immediately mobilise to your location.

Immediate Response

The TRT is one of the fastest security services in the United Kingdom, with our average response time being below 3 minutes. We treat every emergency signal as an event of critical importance. Our priority is to save you from danger.

In order to provide the most efficient service, our team offers a free security audit to each of our clients. This allows Femida to identify potential security threats, and tailor our service accordingly.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced operatives. Behind each employee is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in security operations, emergency response and crisis management.

You may only have ONE CHANCE to make the right safety CHOICE.