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Immediate response team

Femida Co.

Femida Detective Agency has an immediate response team that provides enhanced protection in acute or critical situations.

Effective support and absolute protection

Complicated negotiations, meetings with unfamiliar people or ill-wishers are part of the daily routine for businessmen. There is strong assurance in knowing that you have a team in the wings, prepared to act for your interests in unusual situations.

For such cases, we formed an immediate response team. It is always ready and deployed within five minutes after receiving an alert. You can also agree on support in advance and discuss the possible risks of an upcoming meeting.

We solve non-standard issues to provide enhanced protection for protected persons

The immediate response team:

If necessary, undercover secret agents are involved. These employees arrive separately from the main team and act without disclosing their presence. Or, conversely, they can act as official participants in the meeting.

We also provide a discreet, safe transfer service without escort and attention. The immediate response team has access to an armoured eight-seater minibus and special equipment for enhanced protection.

Immediate Response Team – the best personnel to ensure your safety

Our team consists of former officers of rapid response teams from the special forces and the police force. These are employees with experience in high level operations:

  • rescue of hostages and neutralisation of terrorists,
  • reconnaissance and sabotage operations,
  • counter-intelligence, sabotage prevention,
  • protection of especially important persons or assets,
  • execution of extremely complex and non-standard tasks.

Service in special units requires special training to achieve physical, moral, and impeccable logistical abilities. The team is distinguished by its rapid response capability and instant assessment of any situation, coupled with balanced and effective decision-making in a matter of seconds.

Femida employees demonstrate these qualities expertly during the performance of special missions. At the same time, they keep any, even the most extreme situations, under control and always act within legal parameters.

Femida Detectie Agency – always timely support