Fidelity check

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How do you rid yourself of doubt or confirm any suspicions? A fidelity check is a reliable way to discover the truth about the alleged secret life of the loved one.
This is especially relevant when the family lives between two countries and rarely gets together, or when the partner disappears somewhere too often.

Matrimonial loyalty – is your husband or wife unfaithful?

A lot of care and consideration is required when dealing with matters of the heart. Whilst suspicions about your spouse’s behaviour may turn out to be groundless, the uncertainty of not knowing, can disrupt the happiness and balance of your private life.

If you have this problem, then seek help from Femida. We employ experienced detectives who use innovative techniques for collecting operational information in relation to any fidelity case, through thorough investigation and continuous surveillance.

At the same time, we prioritise confidentiality, both to the client and any surveillance undertakings. Matrimonial fidelity verification is a very sensitive area, and we undertake our duties swiftly, with due care, discretion and attention.

The first report is provided within 24 hours from the moment we start our investigations for the client

When is a loyalty check required?

Moving to another country and starting a new life from scratch allows one to hide or embellish one’s past. In a new environment, it’s easier to play the best version of yourself and re-create yourself if desired.

Anyone who wants to embark on a serious relationship would like to do so based on truth. Even an innocent lie can destroy fragile bridges of trust and cool the feelings.

When our detectives are undertaking fidelity surveillance and investigations, they are as discreet and stealthy as possible. To help achieve this invisibility they use a variety of techniques and technologies

When it comes to marital relations, everything is much more complicated and delicate. There cannot be any risks of disrupting the family life of either of the client or the subject.

Our detectives know how to gather what information they need and generate detailed reports, without any interruption to the normal daily lives of the parties involved.

We provide the detailed dossier to the client with the utmost delicacy when making any difficult revelations. All Femida employees have been given some psychological training to help them deal with sensitive situations and communicate unpleasant news with incredible tact that helps to manage emotions.

However, the Femida team is most dedicated to dispelling clients’ doubts and restoring harmony to their lives. They’ll help you to know for sure that your partner’s secretive behaviour isn’t sinister, or unfaithful. It could just be a planning of a surprise or a special gift for you. Not all secrets are bad, but at Femida we can tell you for sure which is which.

Femida Dispels Any Suspicion