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Frequently Asked Questions

Femida Co.

Our pricing

Each client request is processed and discussed individually. Even within the framework of one service, the cost varies. It all depends on the format, duration and characteristics of the client’s brief.

We cannot give a price on the first contact by phone or email. The price is formed after comprehensive examination of the client’s requirements.

For example, if you were to contact the agency with a request for home security, this is what we would take into account to calculate the fee:

  • number of floors and the area of the house, adjacent territory, assets on the site,
  • number of residents, permanent and incoming staff,
  • any need for special or enhanced security measures.

Based on the calculations, we select the necessary equipment, and form a case team. We offer optimum security performance, along with continuous security guard presence, including bodyguards, and a centralised control centre as required.

Another example: if a woman makes a fidelity request to check on her partner, the cost of this service depends on the lifestyle of the man, his place of work and mode of transportation.

We would need to establish what kind of person he is, his character, his environment, even what means of communication he uses. After all the details are clarified, this informs the fee for the fidelity check.

The same goes for detective investigations. This may be a “three-handset case” that a modern Sherlock Holmes can reveal while sitting at a laptop. Or maybe instead, it is a multi-level case requiring business trips to another country.

How fast can we get down to business?

Our team is always prepared to act. We will arrange a meeting with the client on the day of first contact with the agency. It all depends on how quickly you need help, and the inclusion of detectives or bodyguards.

All Femida employees have previous career experience in the police and special services, including rapid response groups and special forces. The team needs a few minutes to prepare and deploy on a case.

We also conduct investigations promptly. As many case detectives deal with the client’s case as is required to solve the case on time.

How big is our team?

We do not disclose the size of our staff. This is part of our privacy policy due to their highly specialised nature.

Our teams have the ability to man-guard public events, which are attended by 10,000+ people. Guards and bodyguards work in shifts in accordance with contracts.

The Detective team is of a comparable size to a police department. We have a separate cyber-team, whose “field” is an unlimited virtual world.

The Femida team also has concealed bodyguards, undercover agents, psychologists, and experts in forensic science, radiation and chemical protection.

Why we recommend meeting at our office

Meetings with clients can take place at your home, in the office or in neutral territory. If necessary, we conduct a security check before the start of negotiations.

When it comes to confidential investigations or special requests, we recommend meetings at the Femida office. Here, we guarantee absolute security, the absence of listening devices and hidden cameras.

During our initial meeting, any conversations will be recorded that you deem important for the purposes of that meeting. The content of all negotiations remains confidential between the participants.

Do we work outside the UK?

Femida detectives fulfill client briefs in any country. Employees are ready for travel and work in the field until the case is resolved.

This applies to cases of any kind – the search for people or stolen property, valuables, criminal disclosure, or financial investigations.

We have formed a partner network and established contacts with agents in different countries. We have connections and the capability to work in closed and authoritarian states.

If you did not find the service you are interested in on the site

The agency specialises in detective and security activities and everything related to these areas. For customer convenience, we have formulated 20 services to help you understand Femida’s full capabilities.

We can carry out challenging briefs, that even the local police or local specialist services cannot execute.

You can entrust our detectives with the most delicate or complex undertakings. Details of the case are discussed privately with you, the client. We will help you find the best way to solve the problem that brought you to Femida in the first place.