Family security

Femida Co.

How to protect your home, family and build an effective private security system? Detective agency Femida ensures the safety of real estate, protected persons, property in 24/7 format. You get a full range of security services and a guarantee of protection against attempts to enter the house or a physical threat.

Private security from Femida – a guarantee of complete security

We have a staff of experienced security guards, bodyguards, modern technical means of surveillance and security control. You cover all security needs with the help of one contractor – we provide protection with a clear distribution of duties and responsibilities.

We build a trouble-free security system for the whole family, real estate and property anywhere in the world

We offer:

  • turnkey protection of residential and commercial real estate in any country,
  • personal protection of the head of the family, spouse, children, relatives,
  • escort of movable property – cars, yachts, helicopters, airplanes,
  • ensuring the safe storage and movement of valuables.

The agency has all the necessary permits for the implementation security services range. Employees clearly coordinate actions, which eliminates violations of the contract terms.

Top 7 Steps for Absolute Security

The customer sets the task of providing private security. We do the rest of:

  1. We develop, coordinate and implement a security system.
  2. We draw up a schedule of bodyguards and bodyguards-drivers.
  3. We work out the main routes of movement of the head and family members.
  4. We provide enhanced protection measures (if necessary).
  5. We upgrade or completely reboot the security system of the house, apartment, office.
  6. We track movable property using tracking.
  7. We create a single coordination center for monitoring the entire system.

We also conduct an audit of valuables and give additional recommendations on protection against hacking or penetration.

Your living space becomes completely safe. At the same time, we plan the system so that family members, employees and staff are not bothered by the eyes of cameras or motion sensors.

We also care about protecting the open space – the adjacent territory of the house or office. We provide security for the guest house, utility and outbuildings and other separate buildings.

The system works like a Swiss watch mechanism, with absolute accuracy, punctuality, and reliability.

Detective agency Femida – turnkey family security