Events security

Femida Co.

Event security is vital in ensuring an event runs smoothly, especially when VIPs are involved. Femida can be relied upon to provide the highest level of protection for events of all sizes, from private parties to high attendance concerts, providing peace of mind for you and your guests.

Coverage of the events of any format and scale

Our approach to events is to plan, prepare and implement strategies based on an assessment of potential risks identified for each event. We ensure that adequate staffing, equipment and procedures are in place to ensure things run smoothly from start to finish.

Femida provides security for events of various formats:

  • private birthdays, gala receptions, celebrations;
  • business negotiations, meetings of directors and shareholders, educational events, corporate celebrations;
  • cultural and entertainment events, sports competitions, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

We have a staff of experienced security guards and bodyguards and use appropriate technical equipment. If necessary, we employ additional human resources and a police patrol to accompany public events and motorcades of VIP guests.

Turn-key professional security of events of all formats

How events are secured

We start working at the location in advance and carry out preparation in few stages:

  • study of the territory, location, main, auxiliary and office premises in the building;
  • development of a security scheme with the placement of employees, video surveillance systems and movement control;
  • the introduction of hidden guards in the guise of guests to enhance security measures;
  • checking the perimeter and premises for listening devices and hidden cameras;
  • installation of electronic equipment and video surveillance systems;
  • organisation of a central security console;
  • creation of a risk assessment which is shared and discussed with all relevant stakeholders.

If necessary, before the start of the event we install metal detectors or use portable recognition devices for cold and firearms, scanners for determining dangerous chemical and explosive substances.

At the same time, we act tactfully, delicately, without causing discomfort to the organizers and guests. Men and women are involved to work at the events to eliminate gender misunderstandings when inspecting personal items.

You get a full range of security services of the highest quality, including:

  • meeting guests at the airport and a business escort to the event venue;
  • admission of participants with the check of invitations, entrance tickets and identity cards (if necessary);
  • personal protection of VIPs;
  • protection of personal belongings and vehicles of the organizers and invited persons;
  • covert surveillance of guests who need enhanced protection or are suspicious;
  • interaction with personal security services and bodyguards of guests;
  • instant response to emergency situations and resolution of misunderstandings without attracting attention.

We work professionally and legally based on permits. Employees have valid licenses, experience in law enforcement and have undergone special training to work in our company.

Femida – providing the complete event security solution