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Emergency evacuation of family and valuables

Femida Co.

Sometimes one’s life is turned upside down in a matter of hours.
Immigrants from Eastern Europe happily living in the UK now, tell real detectives about the circumstances of the move.
Selected cases are known to everyone, many to a narrow inner circle, and some to Femida operatives only.

Personal evacuation: how to leave the country safely in 12 hours

Many countries remain a state of political, economic and social turbulence. At the same time, businessmen who have invested enormous efforts in their life’s work, have withstood the fight against competitors and officials, choose to sit it out at home.

Unfortunately, one’s homeland does not always reciprocate. Entrepreneurs are subjected to pressure, or receive threats. Once the situation escalates, sometimes the only way out is a personal emergency evacuation with the family.

We instantly respond to customer requests and make travelling to the UK as easy as possible. As a rule, every minute counts and there are 12 to 48 hours available to resolve all issues. In an evacuation situation, this is what we do:

  • conduct a personal meeting to clarify the circumstances,
  • develop an evacuation plan and route for family and the loved ones,
  • assist in the preparation of documents for traveling abroad,
  • advise on the preservation and movement of valuables,
  • organise safe transport – car transfers, private flights.
Femida ensures safe relocation through connections, processes and resources that have been developed for many years

The result is the evacuation of people and valuables, assistance and support in relocating to a new country. We provide 24-hour security, complete personal safety and, if necessary, assist in the preparation of documents for staying in the UK.

This is a course of events in which detectives, lawyers, and consultants participate. Each case is unique, and therefore requires specific attention and planning.

We do the essentials – we evacuate the family to a safe place, and save the valuables. Our trusted colleagues help by solving complex problems through:

  • their experience in special operations to safeguard individuals;
  • a deep knowledge and skills to ensure personal security;
  • a wide range of contacts at a high level – diplomats, human rights activists;
  • experience of successful interaction with special services and police in different countries.

All contacts, procedures, and undertakings are completely legal. This makes it easier to obtain resident status in a new country and reduces the stress associated with emergency departure. You can resume your life straight away, and focus on family, business contacts and starting a business.

Femida is always by your side in an emergency