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Economic and financial investigations

Femida Co.

Money is always a motivation for action; for some  to earn, for others – to appropriate using fraudulent schemes. This is where Femida excels – we conduct internal investigations and prevent financial abuse.

Economic crimes: reveal, suppress, prevent

We hold our private economic investigations on several levels and in various directions. You can keep one or two steps ahead, and abuse and theft can be prevented if you pay attention to suspicious behaviour of employees or business partners well in advance.

We safeguard the interests of the client and effectively unravel even the most sophisticated and intricate schemes

Most often, successful businessmen become the subjects of:

Therefore, each new person in an environment or potentially interesting proposal raising doubts needs to be thoroughly checked.

Contacting the agency is the best solution. We act as independent experts and investigators. Employees and even long-standing business partners may conspire with third parties or act to the detriment of the company. The common thread is their own initiative for their own benefit.

We undertake investigations within the framework of the law. We carefully document information for further presentation or inspection by the police and scrutiny in the court. Our employees are experienced with economic crimes and financial fraud cases.

Internal investigations – Restoration of Equity

Often, financial abuses are detected in companies with significant financial turnover and profit. Employees believe that no one will notice a small loss in a sea of ​​money.

Our financial investigators pay attention to the smallest detail and step by step unravel any intricate schemes and establish the truth behind any wrongdoing. The result can either end a career or vindicate an innocent person suspected of fraud or abuse.

Our financial investigators conduct internal investigations aimed at:

  • search for stolen documents – stocks, checks, contracts and other financial and economic documentation;
  • establishing any forgery and falsification of financial documents, financial statements, actually performed volumes of work and services;
  • identification of hidden profits from business partners or company shareholders.

We are available to work and collaborate closely with Economic Crime Departments within Law Enforcement and Fraud Investigation Teams within Banks.

We will help to cleanse the business of fraudsters and restore the reputation of your business. We will do this while respecting confidentiality and privacy. All investigative actions are carried out in compliance with procedural norms and standards.

Femida – the supplier of your business security