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Detection of radiation and chemical poisoning

Femida Co.

The life and health of the immigrants from Eastern Europe have repeatedly been targeted with radiation and poisons. Sophisticated attackers use invisible killers, sometimes they act with lightning speed but very often their action is slow and imperceptibly.

How to detect radiation or harmful waves

Environmental safety and protection directly affect the quality of life. Unreasonable anxiety or lack of vigor can push you to thoughts about the external influence, invisible or reliably hidden, and contact Femida.

You should think about the external impact in the following conditions:

  • anxiety disorders,
  • sleep disorders,
  • fatigue without particular symptoms,
  • constant feeling that the environment is not safe anymore.

Moreover, the results of medical examinations may not give the answers, and health continues to deteriorate for no apparent reason.

Our Femida network experts in chemical and radiation protection will conduct comprehensive checks to locate any source of hazardous material.

We identify all types of exposure:

  • Radio waves. The source of the directed radioactive radiation is located outside the house or office and works apart.
  • Portable radiation source. The microscopic device is installed indoors. The one is exposed in their own office or bedroom.
  • Chemical poisoning. Poisonous substances are added or mixed into food, drinks, water.

Eventually toxic substances accumulate in the body and health problems become worse and more clear.

Femida experts use a special equipment to identify a source of radioactive radiation to be neutralized by the competent services.

To identify chemical poisoning, we employ experts from a specialized laboratory. Precision equipment and reagents help in recognizing all kinds of poisons.

You get reliable and honest information about research results. We work only in the legal field. In case of reasonable suspicions of an attempt to cause harm to health and attempt on the life, we engage the police and special services to search for intruders and undertake an investigation.

Man-made sources of radiation

The threat of chemical or radiation poisoning does not always come from criminal activity. The following man-made factors can be found among the causes of increased radioactive background:

  • Strong magnetic field. High-voltage transmission lines, powerful radio transmitters and other objects can emit radioactive waves.
  • Building and roofing materials. In the twentieth century, asbestos was actively used and its dust is carcinogenic. Since 2005 the use of this material in Europe is completely prohibited. However, in houses built in the last century, sources of hazardous dust remain.
  • Fire detectors. Radioactive substances were used in the production of the already banned radioisotope smoke detectors, and they continue to emit radiation to this day.

Therefore, we recommend at the slightest suspicion to check the apartment, house or office for the presence of radiation sources. It is also advisable to do a radiation test before buying a secondary property. For decades, people do not suspect that they live in a “radioactive” house.

Timely detection of the threat extends life in the true sense of the word and reduces the risk of cancer.

Femida – rising your awareness of invisible threats