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Client confidentiality

Femida Co.

Contacting a detective agency is never an easy decision. Often our clients are reticent and uncomfortable in doing so. They may find it difficult to admit that they have reached an impasse and have no other option but to seek this kind of professional help.

Guaranteed – absolute confidentiality

To put our clients at ease, Femida Co. guarantees complete confidentiality when undertaking a case, and all information received or generated for the clients is treated with the utmost care, absolute discretion and security.

We understand the high standard of responsibility we owe to our clients, and above all, we value and respect the client’s trust from the moment they contact us – whether or not we undertake their case.

All data is destroyed immediately after the closure of the case. Our employees are professionally compelled to keep all aspects of the case confidential and never discuss them or share with any third parties during or after execution of the client brief.

We are also able to protect our client’s digital ‘world’ and all the assets therein. This is specially relevant in an era when it more challenging to protect oneself from outside interference and attacks on privacy or business.


The Femida Co. team will never betray a client’s trust – we never compromise on this pledge. Maintaining total secrecy and confidentiality of case materials and the client’s identity is a matter of unbreachable professionalism for us, and an aspect that we take very seriously. We are particularly proud of our track record in this regard.

When seeking information from a client, we are skilled enough to ask all the pertinent questions to achieve maximum honesty and openness, without encroaching on the client’s privacy. This is critical when dealing with matrimonial services, people searches or conflicts of business interests.

Our employees know how to conduct their business discreetly, undetected and invisible. Not only is this vital when conducting searches or surveillance, but it is a valuable skill when protecting individuals, especially children, so they do not feel encroached upon by our agents as they go about their daily lives.

Femida Co.

We maintain this discreet presence either in domestic settings or corporate events.

We can also achieve maximum stealth by using cutting-edge electronic equipment; any technologies used, or operational techniques will always be approved by the client before being applied.