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Child Supervision and Protection

Femida Co.

How can you track the welfare of your child when they are living far away from you? There are communication tools to help parents stay in touch like texts and instant messaging. But quite often, parents just get the standard responses from their children that they are ‘ok’. What if you suspect otherwise? How do you find out?

How to discover more about what’s going on in your children’s life

Parents are often worried about being ill-informed about what’s really going on in their children’s lives. At the same time, they are afraid to invade their personal space, especially when it concerns a teenager taking their first steps into adulthood.

For peace of mind, our exclusive Child service, 24-hour supervision, is available.

Your child will never know that they are under observation

Femida operatives work secretly and invisibly. They achieve this through impeccable professionalism and skill in discrete observation and competent use of the latest technical surveillance and tracking equipment.

We only ask a few questions to get the basic data required before undertaking the case. The appointed detective will do the following:create a detailed map of the subject’s movements on weekdays and weekends;

  • compile a complete list of contacts of varying degrees of proximity;
  • create a detailed calendar of meetings with friends, acquaintances and strangers;
  • give a full report on telephone and “live” conversations, online communication, showing a reliable portrait of behaviour in social networks;
  • list ascertainable risks (drinking alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.).

The first report is ready within 24 hours

A full psychological portrait of a child’s life is also mapped. The Femida psychologist gives recommendations on correcting any dysfunctional family relationships and negative behaviour away from home.

During the surveillance, the detective monitors every movement in your child’s life. This is important to mitigate challenging or dangerous incidents such as brawls, conflicts in nightclubs and other establishments, and high-risk personal interactions.

All of our employees have recent DBS checks to ensure that they are not barred from working with children. When requested we are able to provide your child with a personal bodyguard, able to assess the danger they are exposed to and help to plan their activities in a way that will ensure they are under our protection at all times.

If necessary, physical protection against a perceived hazard will be provided even if not under close protection. The child is under the discreet supervision of an experienced detective who is familiar with all the pitfalls that could possibly affect the future of a young person for years to come.

So, if you entrust us with your child’s welfare, we will dispel any anxiety and doubt. If there are any challenging situations in your son or daughter’s lives, we will help to protect them from risks, threats and detrimental life altering decisions. We will achieve this discreetly, without violating your trust and confidence in us.

Femida –
invisible presence and absolute protection for your child 24/7