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Trust but verify: check-list for new business partners from Femida

How to check a new business partner, and whether to do this? Financial security experts at Detective Agency Femida say a clear “yes” to this procedure, especially when a new counterparty is a legal entity from former USSR.

Femida Co.

How to check a business partner: top-5 recommendations

Business in Russia or Ukraine is still gray, masterfully uses fraudulent schemes and knows how to look attractive. The opening of the registries has improved the situation, however, talking about transparency is premature.

Sophisticated schemes continue to work and create the illusion of respectability, big money and serious intentions. Therefore, when a new partner appears in your life, we recommend acting as follows:

  1. Verification through open registries. Databases provide an opportunity to find out the primary data – the date of the company’s foundation, the name of the founders, registered capital, tax and debt debts, litigation. Paid services reveal deeper and more detailed information.
  1. The image of the company on the Internet. A corporate website is an essential attribute of a serious company. You should pay attention to the quality of the site, the fullness of information, the regularity of updates – news, blogs, achievements.
  1. Feedback on the counterparty. Through search engines, it’s easy to find resources collecting user reviews. There are frankly custom-made ones, they are distinguished by blurry information. Authentic reviews talk about specific collaboration experiences.
  1. Social networks. Transparent businessmen usually have personal or business accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook. In a business environment, an indication of basic information — education, career, position, company — is considered to be a good form.
  1. Information about the founders and top management. Almost everyone leaves their marks on the Internet. This can be interviews, comments, mentioning in the news, links to profiles on social networks. Lack of information is a reason to beware.

It is also worth paying attention to ratings and reviews in the Google Business service. By the way, a business account in a search engine with an address and full information about the company is a sign of reliability.

Also, you can ask for recommendations and find common contacts. However, this takes time and threats unnecessary risks. The object of verification may become aware of the requests, this will cause distrust and lead to the disruption of the deal.

How to act in a delicate situation

Femida experts recommend contacting a detective agency. This is a guarantee of deep and comprehensive verification of legal entities and individuals without disclosing interest in the company or person.

Detectives have experience in carrying out delicate errands and possess various techniques of vowel and secretive collection of information. Also, in the staff of Femida are cybersecurity experts who can find a person on a barely visible virtual mark.

If necessary, the agent can go to the country of new partner and find out the necessary information on the spot. The client receives a complete dossier and reliable information that helps to decide on further cooperation.

Find out all details about ordering services at the Femida detective agency by tel. +44 134 42 06 911. We are in touch and will answer any questions.