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Shoplifting: how to secure a shopping facility

Shoplifting is as old as the hills. Fans of easy money and other people’s property find sophisticated ways to steal goods or get to the cash register. Cash in retail outlets is becoming less, but shelves and racks continue to attract intruders.

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Shoplifting: outlet safety basics

Security system is a must have for any object with open access for visitors. This applies not only to stores. Thieves may be interested in expensive beauty salons, SPA centers, and fitness centers. In such places, first of all, they attract paraphernalias, money or bank cards of guests.

Most often, criminals disguise themselves as visitors, often these are women who can act as gunners. Therefore, it is important to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into the store or salon, and to protect the business from theft of property or expensive goods.

Femida experts identify the top 5 security basics in stores:

  1. Entrance group protection. The metal detector is mounted in the doorway and works only on groups of weapons and ammunition metals.
  1. CCTV system. The arrangement of cameras is carefully calculated and covers the entire trading floor from different points and angles. Hidden cameras provide added security.
  1. Alarm system and “panic” button. The remote control is always at hand of the employee, it works flawlessly. A rapid response team arrives within 2-3 minutes.
  1. The security of the trading floor. A specialist with the skills to identify criminals draws attention to suspicious visitors or a group of visitors, prevents theft on his own or calls the group using the “panic” button.
  1. Briefing employees. Constant reminders of the importance of safety and clear instructions for action in a force majeure situation contribute to greater vigilance and attention on the part of staff.

An additional measure may be the output framework. However, the scanner does not work on all products, often gives false signals and annoys visitors.

What to do if a thief is caught in a store

Employees without the support of security guards are often lost at the first moment, which is used by an attacker. Possible options:

  • escape from the crime scene with the goods,
  • beg for sympathy, an attempt to enter into dialogue,
  • return of goods and prayer do not call 999,
  • weapons threats.

Experts recommend that even in the absence of a visible threat to life, be sure to call the police. If the offender managed to escape, file a statement, regardless of the amount of damage.

When life is threatened, personal safety of staff and visitors comes to the fore. You need to act carefully, without losing a second. The “panic button” should always be at hand, and the counter may be the first obstacle.

How to identify a potential thief among visitors

An attentive observer will always see strangeness in the behavior of the buyer. If a person tries to find cameras, constantly looks around, lingers for a long time near shelves with expensive goods or initiates idle conversations with staff, there is cause for alarm.

The average buyer knows why he comes to the store. If the goods are not in daily demand and need help, contact sellers or consultants. Of course, there is always a factor of individual characteristics of behavior, but any deviation from the standard is also an occasion for closer monitoring or response.

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