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Sherlock Holmes is immortal: top 5 reasons to choose private investigations

Applying to a private detective is often the only way to resolve a delicate or controversial situation. Police officers work with obvious facts and act according to the charter, limiting the capabilities and powers of investigators.

Femida Co.

Private investigators don’t need a reason to institution criminal proceedings. The fact of seeking help is enough, and the detective begins to act in the interests of the client.

When and why people reach out to private investigators

The practice of Femida confirms clients call or write to the agency when they feel hopelessness, worry about family and friends, want to establish the truth. Moreover, the reason for the appeal isn’t always an openly criminal situation.

This is the main difference between the police and private investigations. The client does not have to prove that a crime has been committed or is being planned against him. Or the disappearance of a relative, acquaintance, business partner is criminal in nature.

There are circumstances in life when a person doesn’t understand the logic of what is happening, what to do and how to act. A private detective becomes the best friend and adviser in a non-obvious situation.

We identified the top 5 reasons for contacting a detective agency.

1. The time factor

Police investigators have several cases in progress at the same time. With all the desire to fulfill his duty and be operational, the detective cannot instantly get involved in working with a new case. Bureaucratic obstacles stand in his way, and affairs are divided into paramount, which are under special control, and all the rest.

A private detective does not need to open production, fill out endless forms and receive all kinds of permits and sanctions. An employee of the agency takes up the case and performs the task of the client. This may be the search for a beloved cat or the search for a classmate to celebrate the anniversary of degree date.

But most often people are guided by more serious reasons.

2. The non-obviousness of the situation

The police turn on when there is a fact of crime. Suspicions of a potential victim most often pull the maximum for a formal check as part of statistical workouts. This applies to the system in any country.

A private detective conducts a thorough check of suspicious facts and circumstances, collects evidence and materials for a criminal case. Or, on the contrary, it brings clarity to the situation: nothing threatens the client, everything is in order, you can exhale.

Ambiguous situations arise more often than it seems to us. Strange behavior of children, illogical actions of business partners, the appearance of new people in life. All this causes suspicion and requires verification.

3. Investigation in another country

A police investigator rarely goes on a business trip to another country. They need good reason for such action, the design of many papers and interact with colleagues on the spot.

A private detective simply buys a ticket and sets off to fulfill a client’s task. At the same time, a good detective always has contacts with police in the country where he has to work.

The result is not long in coming. The detective fulfills the task. If necessary, ensures the legalization of evidence.

An agency employee receives legal support from lawyers who have thorough knowledge of national and international law.

4. Special orders

Some situations require a delicate approach, especially since this is not about solving a crime. It is important for a person to establish the truth, find out the truth or dispel suspicions. This is personal circumstances or a desire to clarify business relationships.

A private detective performs special tasks with tact and respect for privacy. The client gets a real result and can take action or calm down – we are all too suspicious.

The detective collects information that forms the basis of the evidence base or disappears forever, as if they were not there. Confidentiality is a prerequisite for the execution of special orders.

5. People search

Police are looking for people when there is hard or indirect evidence that a person’s disappearance is criminal. Private detectives find old friends or girlfriends, missing relatives.

When investigating criminal cases, they help with the search for witnesses and eyewitnesses to the incidents. They can figure out a malicious alimony in another country or an insidious fraudster.

Detectives also conduct a comprehensive check of new people in the environment – friends who are trying hard to get close, friends of children, business partners.

This is not a complete list of reasons why customers turn to private detectives. Follow the blog and learn more about how we work on social networks.

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