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Security company in London: services for business and individuals

The basis of the security system is the involvement of professionals to ensure personal protection and guarding of objects. A security company in London completely replaces or partially assumes the functions of a security department in a company. This is a profitable and reliable partnership. The customer sets the task, the rest is done by the Femida team.

Femida Co.

Security services: top-5 agency offers

When making proposals, we consider each case in the complex and offer package services:

  • Physical security of the objects. We are trusted with the protection of cottage towns, private households and business. At the same time, we develop a comprehensive security system taking characteristics of the territory, the location of buildings, access roads.
  • Bodyguard service in London. Personal security is important for business people, especially from an immigrant community. The threats poisoned life in one’s home country can remind oneself. A bodyguard nearby is a necessity, not an emphasis on status.
  • Escort of valuables. A security company in London guarantees safe and timely delivery to anywhere over the world. We also ensure the safety of goods travel to the UK. The customer calls the country, sets a task, and the team is included in the work.
  • Install CCTV. Video surveillance is one of the most reliable ways to control inside buildings and the external perimeter. Our systems eliminate blind spots, camera out of sync, and equipment malfunctions. We provide for force majeure and eliminate risks.
  • Security events. We are tasked with guarding private parties and events with thousands of participants and spectators. For each event, we choose the tactics of ensuring security, act quietly, without causing inconvenience to the owners and guests.

A modern guardian company in London is a technology agency with innovative equipment and experienced staff. At Femida, we use the best solutions and attract pros with experience in the elite special forces.

London security: Femida guarantees

Work at the highest level is the foundation of the agency’s philosophy. When we perform the functions of a guardian company in London, we remember the highest value of Femida is the absolute security of the protected person, object or event.

We make an offer to our customers, which is greatly appreciated. We find vulnerabilities and develop a comprehensive security scheme. We substitute for the customer a shoulder you can always lean on. You don’t have to hide, we will cover and protect from danger at any level.

Contact us 24/7. Femida in touch by phone. +44 134 42 06 911. Also send your inquiries by e-mail to info@femida.uk.