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Secret bodyguard in London: features of the secret work

The security service often performs special missions to protect the object. In many cases, an inconspicuous presence is ensured and contributes to less stress during negotiations or an important meeting in a public place. The secret bodyguard is skillfully encrypted and at the same time reliably covers the object.

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How to become guards and secret bodyguards

Mass culture imposes a stereotype the task of the guard is to provide force cover. Dramatic shootings, physical cover, exciting chases look beautiful in movies and TV shows, involving the audience and holding attention.

In real life, everything is much more prosaic. The secret bodyguard undergoes special training:

  • professional
  • physical,
  • psychological.

Particular attention is paid to:

  • information and education,
  • knowledge of etiquette,
  • rules of conduct in various situations.

Undercover guards effortlessly support conversations on any topic. They can discuss trends in contemporary art or stock quotes, oil prices and economic outlook.

There is enormous work behind apparent ease, and intellectual preparation takes no less time than physical or special training. At the same time, the guard performs the main duty impeccably: protection the object from threats and dangers.

Strong women profession

Over the past decades, the world has completely transformed. Gender roles have changed beyond recognition. Girls successfully serve in the police and army, master the traditional male professions. Female bodyguards in London are not uncommon; they guard not only ladies or children.

It is easier for a charming guard to provide cover. Women both attract attention and cause less suspicion. Only an equal pro can imagine that a magnificent lady in an evening toilet will transform into a trained agent.

The services of a secret bodyguard in London are often used by business representatives who need cover without exposing the presence of security. Female agents are represented by secretaries, personal assistants, or company employees.

At informal events, this is an escort. Also, security can work in tandem and “lost” among invited guests. At the same time, bodyguards do not let the object out of sight for a second and are ready at any time to cover the guarded person.

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