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Personal security: when and why you need a bodyguard

How much attention do we pay to personal security? It seems that it is enough to equip the house with a security system, set an alarm in the office and a GPS on cars. Still buy a watch with a tracker for children, and voila – everybody under the protection and control.

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What is really going on

In fact, we practically don’t control the environment. Information from video cameras, tracking the locations of children and monitoring travel by car provide extremely limited information.

A deceptive appearance of peace is created until the news brings alarming news about the next assassination attempt on a businessman. Usually we don’t know about threats to family members. This information settles in police reports and rarely becomes public. However, this happens day by day, here and now very close.

How to protect yourself and loved ones, find peace and comfort? Especially when you have to visit public places regularly, travel a lot. Or you expect to arrive guests who need security and protection.

Unexceptionally bodyguards come to the rescue. These are courageous and strong professionals with a cold mind, taking responsibility for your security and life.

Why you should trust a bodyguard

Before going into private practice or a detective agency every pro has had 5-10 years of service remain in special police units or special security services. Escort of protected persons is a part of the daily routine for them.

These are top-level professionals who see and perceive the situation in terms of potential threats. Bodyguards instantly decide how to protect a protected person. Professionals operate at the millisecond level and are ahead of the bullet’s flight speed.

How do professional bodyguards achieve a fantastic reaction? It’s all about the natural inclinations reinforced by special training. The bodyguards are physically strong, healthy and hardy guys and girls who have special qualities:

  • Observation. The bulk of the bodyguard’s work consists of the ability to assess the environment and to neutralize possible threats based on information analysis.
  • A sharpness of mind. The bodyguard’s brain is similar to an oversensitive scanner reads information from objects around it in real time. It takes a moment to detect potential danger.
  • Speed ​​reaction. This is the absolute synchronism the signals of the brain and the trained body. Milliseconds pass between momentum and action, and this unique quality has saved thousands of lives.

Alas, accurate statistics is impossible in such sensitive area as personal security. Many stories remain accessible to a narrow circle. The heroes of the stories – bodyguards and guarded persons – prefer not to talk about emergency situations. Everything ended well, and it was main.

Personal bodyguard is a reliable protector against attacks on health and life, your own, family and friends. This is a reasonable precaution and the transition to a new standard of living with a guarantee of personal security 24/7.

If you are confident in your own invulnerability, bodyguard services can be useful for your guests:

  • business partners who often feel uncomfortable in a foreign country,
  • celebrities that fans find everywhere and bother with excessive attention,
  • relatives and friends who have recently immigrated and need protection.

Read more about the services of a personal bodyguard on our website and choose your personal protection services. Contact us via chat or e-mail info@femida.uk.