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Personal bodyguard: features of pricing for services

A personal bodyguard is not a prestigious attribute, but a real guarantor of personal security. Businessmen, public people, stars need the services of bodyguards every day. The stories of brave guards have become part of mass culture. In practice, communication with clients often begins with the phrase: how much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?

Femida Co.

How much does a personal guard cost: Femida comments

The agency doesn’t have universal price list for bodyguard services. We process each request personally and then do a proposal. What affects the cost:

  • Subject of the contract. The structure of one-time support services for the event and the organization of permanent security differs dramatically.
  • Type of protection. We offer open escort, the services of a bodyguard driver or a hidden guard. It all depends on the request and security needs.
  • The number of employees. Bodyguard team is formed for each client, a shift schedule is set. An official protocol is also prescribed for the work organization.

Therefore, at the first contact, we can’t say how much a personal guard costs. The price is developed after a detailed specification and development of a security scheme. We can offer additional security services or clarify that we can do with less.

Femida personal safety experts thoroughly understand the organization of bodyguard work and ensure the safety of the client and his family on a turn-key basis.

Personal protection: the cost of health and life

Bodyguard services are premium. You trust us the most valuable – your health and life. We take responsibility for the safety of the client, family, relatives. Every case requires full dedication and the highest professionalism.

The world through the eyes of a personal bodyguard is a space that can change at any moment. Professional scans the environment, knows how to anticipate and prevent threats. Often the guarded person does not even realize that only timely and professional actions saved his life.

Such skills are the result of physical, psychological and special training, which takes 5-10 years. High-class profs systematically improve and hone their skills, conduct briefings with colleagues, developing and analyzing security schemes.

This is a permanent job that ensures absolute security 24/7 in the UK and any country in the world.

Find out all details about ordering services at the Femida detective agency by tel. +44 134 42 06 911. We are in touch and will answer any questions.