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Missing people: superpowers of private detectives

With the development of technology, electronic databases are increasingly being used to find missing people. In difficult cases, private detectives specializing in finding people come into play.

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Sometimes the solution lies on the surface. There is enough to conduct a thorough search on the Internet. But detectives often have to do a lot of work before they can find a person.

Reasons for missing people

The internet and social media have revolutionized privacy. Every day, millions of users leave data online, without thinking that they are publishing personal information.

At the same time, it is not uncommon for people to disappear without a trace, especially after moving to another country or some kind of life or business troubles. The reasons for “go off the radar” are:

  • unfulfilled obligations,
  • fraud and forgery,
  • attempts to avoid responsibility,
  • desire to break with the past.

A person starts life from scratch, with a new phone number, email address and residence. Someone changes their first and last name, wanting to hide and become incognito.

It also happens when a missing person became a victim of a crime or left home and never come back. In such cases, the police are looking for people at the request of relatives or friends. Interpol is involved in the international wanted list.

However, time passes, the person is listed in the databases as missing. New cases are piling up in the police and Interpol. The search activity is gradually dwindling.

When it comes to business interests and obligations, business partners and lenders are trying to find the “loss”. They prefer private investigations, without involving the police or special services.

Search for missing people: how private detectives work

Contacting a private detective is always the right decision. The investigator is completely focused on completing the client’s task.

Most often, the time passes between the disappearance of a person and the appeal to a private detective. By this point, the track is cooling down, and you need to start from the very beginning. What the investigator does:

  • finds out the circumstances and possible reasons for the disappearance of a person
  • checks the environment, gradually expanding the social circle
  • conducts searches through open and closed databases on the Internet
  • simulates the possible actions of a missing person.

If necessary, investigator arrives to the city or country where the object may be hiding. The vast majority of cases are completed successfully.

The detective pays attention to the little things have escaped the attention of the police or those concerned. Collects scraps of information in a coherent chain, checks gigabytes of photos and videos.

If a person is alive and socially well, he continues to lead a social life in a new place. Forms a social circle, appears in public. Chances are high when it can “light up”. It is enough to know where and how to look for information will lead to the object.

Informal contacts in the police, contacts with colleagues are of great importance. This makes it easier to find missing business partners, corrupt employees, sweethearts, ex-spouses or lost school or childhood friends.

No matter how difficult the search is, a private detective will step by step approach the object and complete the client’s task.

If you are looking for a person and for a long time cannot find at least a trace, contact the Femida Detective Agency. Our private detectives will conduct a thorough investigation and help you solve the problem. We are in touch by phone +44 134 42 06 911 and email info@femida.uk.