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London store security: how it works

Well-trained security personnel at the entrance to a shopping center or an expensive store are a sign of respectability of the business and respect for the privacy of customers. Reliable security of a store in London is based on a security system involving employees and special equipment.

Femida Co.

Powers of the security guard in the store: what is allowed and what is prohibited

To build an effective system, Femida experts recommend the development of comprehensive instructions for the work of a security guard in London, taking into British law.

It is also important to rely on generally accepted rules:

  1. Observation of the order in the trading floor, the control of entrances and exits from the store, utility rooms.
  2. Identification of suspicious activity and the suppression of possible theft, damage to goods, packaging integrity violation.
  3. Carrying out a “civil arrest” of the suspect at the scene of the offense, followed by transfer to the police.
  4. The use of reasonable force to prevent crime in case of a threat to the health and life of visitors and employees.
  5. Inspection of things left unattended for explosive devices or for return to the owner.

At the same time, the powers of the security guard in the store do not provide for personal searches without the consent of the visitor, whose behavior aroused suspicion. It is also necessary to respect the personal space of customers and maintain a comfortable distance.

Security officers are not allowed to use special equipment other than plastic handcuffs. In any case, their application should be justified, otherwise lawsuits due to abuse of authority are possible.

Work as a security guard in London: correctness, politeness, impeccability

Often, the security guard is the first employee that the buyer sees when entering the trading floor. Therefore, impeccable appearance and tactful behavior are mandatory requirements for hiring, especially in a team to protect an expensive store.

We recommend you pay attention to:

  • a work permit in England if the candidate is a non-resident of the UK and does not have an EU passport,
  • a security guard license that learners of special courses receive after passing the tests,
  • knowledge of self-defense and neutralization of threats (lightning reaction and competent actions are important to prevent incidents).

As guards can work men and women. For example, visitors to clothing stores are more comfortable if a woman is on duty near the dressing room.

However, personal contact can be avoided. To do this, install CCTV cameras at key points and remotely monitor the situation in the trading floor. In this case, employees who are on duty at the monitors do the main mission. They have to inform the guard in the trading floor about a possible incident in time.

The highest skill and class in organizing security is to create a system practically invisible and does not bother visitors. We think through every detail:

  • layout of cameras and the arrangement of employees,
  • communication between security guards at the security console and those on duty in the trading floor,
  • the procedure in unusual situations.

Detective agency Femida is developing a turnkey security system for the protection of shopping facilities and provides a security guard in London. We are in touch by e-mail info@femida.uk and instantly involved in solving the client’s problem.