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How to keep home security and protect the family or business

The lockdown of 2020 has led to a getting worse of the crime situation, with more frequent robberies, entry into offices and burglaries. Therefore, the problem of personal security is more urgent than ever.

Femida Co.

Home security: the main elements of a safety system

How to turn a house into a reliable fortress without a solid fence two meters high or a lot of locks on the doors? Modern technologies come to the rescue:

  1. Door entry audio or video systems. Only the invited guest enters the house or apartment, who explains the purpose of the visit by intercom or videophone. A video system is recommended for better monitoring and threat assessment.
  1. Video surveillance. It is installed along the outer perimeter of the house and the surrounding area there are no blind spots. It is also possible to equip interior rooms with cameras.
  1. Security alarm. Monitors front and back entrances, windows, terraces and other weak areas. When an attempt is made to enter, the signal goes to the control panel of the security company.
  1. Automatic gates and wickets. This service is relevant for households with a fence. The gates are opened only by a signal from the remote control. When an attempt is made to enter, an alarm is triggered.
  1. Fire alarm. Included in the general home security system. In case of smoke or fire, it beeps, and the information is also sent to the rescue dispatcher. Automatic fire extinguishing turns on.

The “five-step” system is suitable for business protection and personal security. Each of the services has its own characteristics and settings. When installing a home alarm, companies provide for the pet friendly option, and in offices are the correct access levels for employees and visitors.

Therefore, Femida experts recommend attracting a security company with experience in the development and modernization of anti-burglary or intrusion protection systems.

Personal safety: how to strengthen controls

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself using is a panic button. In case of danger, one press is enough, and the device transmits a signal to a special remote control.

When using such a service, the speed of reaction on the part of the security company or the police is of great importance. Sometimes the arrival time plays a vital role, counting the minutes.

So, Femida advises the services of local companies, ensure the speedy arrival of the group. You can consult by phone +44 134 42 06 911 or email info@femida.uk and learn more about the security services of our agency.