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How to become a private detective: the experience of the Femida team

The profession of a private detective is covered in myths and legends developed by the mass culture influence. Characters of brilliant detectives with impeccable logic are born every TV season. Detective novels firmly hold a leading position among bestsellers.

Femida Co.

In the real life, thousands of men and women choose the private detective activity annually. How does it happen? We tell by the example of the Femida team.

Private investigator: from a policeman to detectives

After retiring, DS or DCI often choose new career as a private investigator. The untiring mind requires constant recharging with new tasks and investigations.

For many police and special services officers, work becomes important part of the lifestyle. They perceive the end of their service as a transition from one unit to another, with a choice:

  • Private detective. He works alone or with an assistant, leads one or two clients at a time.
  • Detective agency. He works in a team of like-minded colleagues, in the group created for each case, like in police.
  • Employee. He works as an member of staff or the head of the department, responsible for business security and personal protection of top management, facilities, transport, conducts financial investigations.

The corporate sector is most similar to service because of service ranking, but work in the agency or on oneself is free from paper and bureaucratic routine.

Private detective devotes most of the time to collecting information and evidence, analysing data, searching for witnesses, monitoring the facility. Mobility increases, customer task is priority.

At the same time, the agency provides more opportunities and resources than relying on our own mind, experience and communications.

How to become a private detective for civilians

The profession of a detective requires certain qualities that determine the successful solving of the case:

  • logical thinking and the ability to analyse information, find causal relationships;
  • sociability and networking with strangers in compliance with client confidentiality and the legality of actions;
  • investigation skills “in the field” and immediate decision in non-standard situations.

Contacts and acquaintances in the police, knowledge in law, good physical shape and endurance are welcome. However, the main qualities are skills and desire to devote oneself to a difficult and interesting profession.

It is impossible to be a private detective only during business hours. This profession is given completely, without a trace. She captures and does not let go until the time to write memoirs. But it is not exactly.