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Event security in London: what you need to know

Event organizing is always a challenge for organizers. Customers pay special attention to the security of participants and guests, especially when there are businessmen, politicians, celebrities among the guests.

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What does event security include?

When organizing events of any scale, the challenge is always to strike a balance. Guests should not feel constrained by a large number of guards or be afraid of intrusive attention, intrusion of uninvited guests.

The highest class for an event security in London is the almost invisible presence of bodyguards and guards. What agencies do to fulfill the customer’s request:

  • develop a detailed security scheme, considering the specifics of the location, space, number of participants and guests
  • simulate non-standard situations and eliminate possible weaknesses in the overall security system
  • strengthen the CCTV, excluding blind spots, pay special attention to the entrance lobby and the perimeter
  • introduce close protection under the guests and thereby relieve the stress from the presence of bodyguards behind the guests
  • ensure the interaction of security guards using special communication equipment.

Also, services security for parties and other events include a survey of the territory and premises for spying and explosive devices.

Depending on the level of the event and the presence of the VIP, the order of checking guests is determined. Hidden metal detectors are used for comfortable entry.

At the same time, there are guards with portable devices for personal search in case of such a need. To avoid gender confusion, the team includes female guards.

How to hire security for a party

Securing private events requires as much preparation as securing a stadium event. This is always a high level of responsibility, disregard of security rules and protocols is excluded.

Therefore, Femida experts recommend using the services of an agency provides a turnkey event security, considering all the features of the upcoming event.

Well-coordinated teamwork and clear interaction are possible only under the condition of systematic training in working out non-standard situations. Sessions and briefings are held before each event, where a step-by-step algorithm of actions in a specific location is developed.

Special attention is paid to etiquette and communication with guests in delicate and piquant situations.

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