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Comprehensive building protection: Top-5 signs of effective security

Business prefers security and confidence in the reliability of building protection. There is applies equally to business centers and small shops, service companies. Therefore, we offer a checklist for checking the security system.

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Security plan: what happens due to deficiencies

Protecting an object from attacks by intruders is a multi-level system, which effectiveness depends on technical equipment and clear planning. The coordination of security services with other departments is also important.

Otherwise, there may be excesses:

  • At company X, “security guards” and cyber defenders worked so autonomously that when establishing video surveillance in a repaired building, the former tried to “get popped” the latter.
  • The security service of the network of retail facilities Y blocked access to tenants due to theft of alarm codes by cybercriminals. The work of a dozen stores was suspended until the problem was resolved.
  • Persistent attackers invaded business center Y through an entrance was not properly secured. Staff did not use it, so security did not install an access card reader when upgrading the building’s safety.

There are dozens of such examples. Companies annually suffer millions in losses due to intrusions. How to avoid losses and create a comfortable environment for employees and visitors?

Top-5 parameters of effective security according to Femida experts

The issue of protection is especially acute when developing systems for objects with open access. This applies to businesses that work with visitors, equipped with expensive equipment; there is cash and inventory.

We have compiled our top-5 on which we can draw conclusions about the reliability of the system:

  1. Video surveillance with per second image recording
  2. Motion sensors with control of windows, inputs / outputs, open spaces
  3. Electronic pass system with access level control in various zones
  4. Control of the perimeter and surrounding area, parking lots and other areas outside the building
  5. Centralized monitoring console and real-time monitoring of CCTV

When guarding stores, it is important to provide a remote alarm and take care of the reliability of the burglar bar or roll-up door, protect the entrances and exits.

An audit reveals weaknesses in the system. Moreover, the elimination does not require ultra-expensive investments. However, in some cases, the system must be rebooted completely or upgraded.

Femida conducts security assessments and develops robust intrusion protection. All details by phone +44 134 42 06 911. Also send your inquiries by e-mail to info@femida.uk.