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Caution, radiation! How the environment affects our health

We live in an environment where the “peaceful atom” is invisibly present – naturally occurring radiation. Homes and offices are often sources of radiation. A family can live for decades in an apartment and not know that the old sensor or the remains of a slate roof are nearby “working properly”.

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Radiation at hand: the main sources of danger

In the 20th century, the world was twice shocked by nuclear explosions – the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. However, long before Chernobyl, researchers began to think about the effect of radiation on the human body.

Back in 1928, at the second International Congress of Radiologists, an International Commission on x-ray and Radium Protection was established. Participants focused on ensuring safe operation of the x-ray machine. At that time, they did not think about the relevance of a safe level of radiation.

The first safety foundations were laid in 1958, when the International Commission on Radiation Protection began to develop the basic principles of radiation safety and reduced safe levels of exposure.

Prior to this, it was believed that a person could tolerate 500 cubic metres of occupational exposure. The commission then decreased this figure by 10 times for staff, and for the general population, to 5 cubic metres. Currently, indicators are even lower – 20 cubic metres and 1 cubic metre respectively.

This is because, since the middle of the twentieth century, radioactive substances were actively used for military and civilian purposes.

A misunderstanding of the threat has led to the widespread use of asbestos, a building material whose dust is a carcinogen. In Europe, the use of asbestos is prohibited, but fragments of this material remain in houses built in the last century.

The same applies to fire detectors in which radioactive metals were used. Now these devices are also prohibited, but in old houses they can easily hide under new layers of plaster or a gypsum plasterboard.

Why is it important to control background radiation?

Radioactive substances affect the cells of the human body and lead to disruption of bonds at the molecular level. With the constant receipt of small doses, a so-called somatic state develops, which worsens over time.

In the late period, tumors (leukemia), and organ dysfunctions can develop, and life expectancy is shortened. Radiation is harmful to the fetus causing malformations.

For an adult, radiation is also dangerous due to the high level of susceptibility to radiation. In this systemic dose is more dangerous than a single exposure to many radioactive substances.

How to protect yourself and your family and find out how clean the environment in which we live, work, spend a lot of time? Femida Detective agency provides a service – the detection of radiation and chemical poisoning.

Using special equipment, our experts examine residential and office buildings and identify sources of hazardous radiation. The reasons for applying for such a check might be triggered is individuals in the location are suffering from depression and state and feeling unwell without pronounced symptoms for a long time.

Timely determination of the source of radiation is the return of a high quality of life and restoration of health.