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Business security plan: asset protection

The business security system consists of ensuring the protection of objects, assets, and transport. Femida experts also emphasise cybersecurity as one of the most important components.

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London security plan: top-3 business protection components

A successful company has tangible and virtual properties needing reliable protection. Business security plan is developed after a thorough review.

Based on the data obtained, weaknesses are eliminated, modernization or a complete reboot of the current system is carried out. The work is carried out in three directions:

  1. Protection of the office, administrative and industrial buildings, industrial sites, adjacent territories. A single control center is being formed, which receives information from each object in real time.
  1. Protection of movable property. There are auto and air fleet (aircraft, helicopters), maritime transport. All vehicles are equipped with innovative alarm systems and satellite tracking. Information about the location is transmitted to the remote control from anywhere in the world in real time.
  1. Protection of servers, workstations and corporate networks at all sites. The cybersecurity system minimizes the risk of hacker attacks, data theft, the introduction of viruses and malware. Synchronization of all system components and automatic report generation provides.

The security plan is recorded in the passport, on the basis work is done to create and adjust the system. The document remains at the disposal of the company and is updated as innovative developments in the field of corporate security are introduced.

Why it is important to ensure business security

Industrial and financial espionage remains one of the main external threats. Unscrupulous competitors and attackers invent schemes to infiltrate the company. They recruit employees, hire hackers, and introduce agents.

Security departments conduct internal investigations and identify insiders. However, an external audit is more effective. The risks of the human factor, bias or collusion are eliminated.

Therefore, we recommend controlling the security of the business with the involvement of an independent agency. Detectives Femida act stealthily, imperceptibly, upon introduction they create a legend that does not cause suspicion.

By agreement with the customer, technical means are used to collect and record data. At the same time, they act within the legal framework and ensure compliance with the law.

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