About Us

Femida Co.

Femida is the first Russian-speaking detective agency in the United Kingdom, providing a full range of services to protect and ensure the safety of people, assets and businesses. Besides having a staff of highly trained and experienced operatives, we also use cutting edge technologies to help us achieve a successful result for each of our clients.

Our team

Femida has assembled a team of experienced bodyguards, security experts and detectives. All employees have undergone rigorous and specialised training in order to become a part of our team.

We also collaborate with an international network of colleagues to meet our operational needs. In this way we are able to decipher complex situations to achieve effective and expeditious resolution of client briefs.

Even in time critical situations, where urgent, balanced and rational action is essence a must, our experienced staff is able to:

  • resolve critical and deadlock situations
  • protect against leaks, financial losses and safeguard ethical practices
  • establish true facts through detailed investigations
  • provide a complete security solution from inception to execution

Our psychologists help to ease communication with clients, who may be stressed in challenging situations. They effectively and gently encourage our clients to share with us essential information, even in highly pressurised scenarios.

Each member of our detection team has also undergone psychological training, to further help with

client communication, read human behaviour and discover more information critical to resolve each

case. This type of training also assists vitally with establishing contact and trust.

Getting results

The essence of Femida’s work is untangling complex situations in your personal life or business and reaching a successful conclusion, even in seemingly hopeless situations. Without support, a person may feel in the dark, searching desperately for a solution.

The road to nowhere turns into a straight and clear path as soon as you turn to Femida. A team of highly experienced operatives, detectives, bodyguards and lawyers will help you change a situation that seemed hopeless.

Amongst other services, our accomplished team can:

When we undertake a case, we begin to act in our clients’ interest as soon as possible. Positive results of our services are apparent almost immediately after we undertake a brief.


We prioritise maintaining absolute confidentiality and 100% data protection. This means safeguarding the most confidential secrets with tact and discretion and honouring all contractual agreements.

We fully ensure that any collected information, client dossiers or evidence base remain totally confidential and is never shared with third parties.

Femida Co.